May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day!

Do you remember the days when your little palm used to curl around her fingers? It was your ‘safe heaven’. In those days you would come home from school and search for that one person, to share every detail of your day with her over yummy snacks. Remember her smile when she used to tuck you and read a bedtime story? How can you forget the angry glares or that stern voice when you would be all mischievous? To all the boys, your heroism worked only in front of her, after all you were her ‘Raja Beta’. Well girls, remember tying a saree for the first time, you all wanted to look just like her! She was your constant support right from the school days. There were times when she scolded you & others when you would get mad at her. But who are we kidding; she is the one who has always defended us.

From turning off the fan to wake you up on a lazy Sunday morning to turning on the same fan when you crash onto bed after reading all evening for your board exams, her love towards you was always the first, always pre-empting your every need.  In these small actions, there’s an immense Love hidden. A mother always understands you the most. She will always do what is best for you and the house.

Likewise, Luxaire also believes in providing what is best for their customers, to be pro-active and to care for every minute detail. The unique products come with largest warranty up to 15 years, in the luxury fans category, which is a promise of support & international quality offered (wherever you may be). Realizing this need, Luxaire Luxury Fans was the first to bring in BLDC fans to India, it’s an assurance that we do & what is best for you.

On this special day, we at Luxaire would like to repeat again that we will always cater your requirements as a priority, and much before anyone else.

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  1. According to me, Luxaire is the best when it comes to performance and quality! And every customer deserves it!

  2. Luxaire is the best in its segment..

  3. Why is BLDC better than normal fans?

    • BLDC Motors consume much lower electricity compared to regular AC Motor Fans and this is the primary reason why BLDC Motors are preferred nowadays.

  4. The whisper quiet functionality of Luxaire’s fan will add on to one’s comfort.

  5. Do this fan have light?

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