August 3, 2020

Luxury below the chain of Mountains- Darjeeling

On a rainy evening, you sit sipping your tea, lost in its flavor. As the tea gives you peace, it also takes you to this wonderful place known as the ‘Queen of Hills’.

Nestled at the foothills of Himalayas, Darjeeling provides a great view of Kanchenjunga. Singalila National Park and Neora Valley National Park are famous for panoramic view which is the home to the red panda, black bear, barking deer, Takin etc. The Ghoom Monastery highlights the teachings of Buddha. This serene city is also equally famous for its Mandarin oranges which have a worldwide demand. Tiger hill is a famous trekking destination. Most people in this region speak Nepali.

It’s peace loving culture along with flora and fauna make Darjeeling a favorite with global so there are many good hotels in the city. The Sterling, Ramada, The Eligin and the Mayfair are few hotels known for their lavish offerings. Apart from good furniture & #interiorlighting, hoteliers can bode well to use whisper quiet fans from Luxaire luxury fans. These are a wonderful installation, as most of the tourists coming to Darjeeling seeking peace from the chaotic urban life. The Wooden ceiling fans give a homely feel in these luxury hotels, whereas Designer under Light fans can add a touch of grace and elegance. Along with this, the #energysmart fans save 65-80% of electricity bills, proving beauty can have advantages for both the residential purpose and the hotel industry.

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  1. My house project is near sikkim.can you deliver designer fans there? Eles how long will it take to supply this fans to Darjeeling WB

    • Hello Ms. Vaishnavi, Thank You for your interest in Luxaire Luxury Fans. We can door deliver the units anywhere in India. It would normally take about 7 – 10 working days to reach you. We look forward to your orders.

    • We deliver #designerceilingfans across India, so we can deliver to Sikkim & #northeast too. #sikkimdiaries

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