Sole Distributor:

We pride in bringing to your doorstep several European Luxury Fan Brands, not available with any other fan company in the country. This makes our range of fans most unique and stylish. You will be spoil for choices!

Highest Quality & Quantity:

We offer the highest number of fans in terms of design, material, technology, brand and style. Our wide range of Luxury Fans come with the top quality finish and service, for uninterrupted supply of fresh air.

Maximum number of Patented Designs

We provide you with exclusivity in fan design as we have Patented the high end Fan’s range, so no copy can be done. When it comes to luxury, you deserve to enjoy designs which are unmatchable.

Highest Energy Savings & Warranty

Our fans not only provide you with the best designs along with highest range to choose from, but these high quality fans double the pleasure with levels of energy savings and warranty, second to none in Asia.


Our Promise

LUXAIRE offers the largest collection of Designer & Luxury Fans under one roof.

We provide highest motor warranty in Asia (15 years).

We pride in bringing to you the best & original quality of Luxury & Designer ceiling fans in Asia.

Our aim is to cater to you the latest designs for bespoke interiors along with energy savings.


Our business was born due to the need for Fans, that are both Functional & Beautiful at the same time.

When every room today has a piece of designer furniture and lighting, then why not have ceiling fans that blend with the overall decor & give a luxurious feel to the ambience? These fans are original, contemporary and HIGH ON DESIGN.

LUXAIRE is the sole distributors for several European brands. We offer the highest quality & quantity of Branded ceiling fans, with the maximum number of Patented Designs, Energy Savings & Highest Warranty in Asia.

All our fans are made of the best quality materials (mostly wooden blades, not made of plastic or MDF), Patented Designs and are WHISPER QUIET, unlike regular fans.

What’s not to drool over a LUXAIRE Fan!

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