May 8, 2020

Maximalist Designer Fans in Zulu Land


  • Barack Obama


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The above two quotes are on two different people, whom the country is proud of. The very first quote talks about the history of the country, its path of struggle and the achievement of victory. It talks about one of the history’s greatest, Nelson Mandela. Whereas, the second quote describes the modern era of the country, the competitive spirit of the nation, it talks about one of the cricket’s most loved player, AB De Villers. 

By now, you would have all guessed the country, right?

Standing at the southernmost region of African continent, South Africa carries the glory of the continent over its shoulders. This ‘rainbow nation’ is the second richest in Africa, as 90% of the world’s platinum is mined from here. It is also the worlds’ second largest producer of fruits. This BRICS country attracts tourists from around the world due to its culture, geographical wonders and wildlife. The country hosts a variety of natural beauty, from mountains to desserts and from green land to wetlands. Table Mountain is one of the oldest in the world.  South Africa supports a wide range of wildlife that includes the impala, white rhino, Cape buffalo, giraffes etc. One can enjoy the Cape Peninsula, Wine tours, Hot air balloon, walking safari or a 4*4 gaming trip.

This country with ‘three capital cities’ –Cape town, Bloemfontein & Pretoria have diverse cultural history along with the quirky Johannesburg. Some prominent cultures are Zulu (language spoken by the majority), Xhosa, San culture etc. The younger generation is more inclined towards western music, art and food. This has given rise to a mixed culture, where their traditions are still alive, yet modernization thrives. At Cape Town, you can capture your ‘picture perfect’ whether it’s the celebrity beaches, whale watching, and splendid night life or its world class shopping. The cuisine is diverse from bobotie to boerewors – influenced by Dutch, French and Indian flavors (brought to India recently in the form of Bunny Chow). Popular food bloggers include the likes of Baking ginger and Sarah Graham, who has her own TV show. South African hotels are rich in ambiance & luxury if you choose the Taj, Table Bay Hotels in Cape Town. Other known brands are Radisson Blu, Hilton, Four Seasons, One and Only, Intercontinental, Da Vinci and boutique hotels like the Oyster box. They also have the world’s largest themed resort hotel.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels can use brands like Luxaire luxury fans for unique Ceiling fans that blend into any style of interiors. The Jungle lodges and Farmhouse Villas and Retreats with colonial traditional & Victorian interiors can choose Decorative wooden fans while the international hotels with contemporary architecture can go for energy saving and long lasting unique Designer fans with light & remote controls. Classical and Retro Fans are best suited for outdoors like al frescoes and gazeboes in Restaurants and Lounge Bars, while the Spa Resorts, Riverside Lodges and luxe Tents can opt for quirky designs like a Wicker blade fan or a Palm designer fan. Low ceiling hotels or residences can opt from many designs of compact hugger fans, that ooze Luxury and Eco consciousness at the same time (saving 65-80% energy) making our earth much greener. Overall, Luxaire Luxury Fans has one of the best options for luxury homes and hotel interiors in South Africa.

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  1. Luxaire has a diverse range of decorative wooden fans

  2. I love the Palm Designer fans from Luxaire!!
    How much watts does it consume?

    • South Africa being one of the richest countries in the African continent, does have a potential market for luxury products! Can you please tell me the maintenance of the palm fan since I read it’s for outdoor?

      • Hello,

        Thank you for your interest in Luxaire Palm Fan – LUX 1097 Model.

        This model is suitable for covered outdoor spaces and the motor has an IP 54 Protection.

        Apart from regular dry dusting, there is no other maintenance that is needed for the LUX 1097 Palm Outdoor Fan.

    • Hello,

      The above is the Link for the LUX 1097 Palm Outdoor Fan with 10 Years Motor Warranty!

      This Luxaire Fan consumes 58 watts of electricity when used without the Light Kit; The wattage increases when used with the Light Kit depending on the wattage of the lamp you choose to install in the Light Kit.

  3. Luxaire have really very nice Wooden Fans.Please suggest some wooden fans which are also BLDC.

  4. How long will it take if we order 10 Wicker or rattan blade Fans ?

  5. Can i use this fan indoors?

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