September 23, 2019

Which is a clever option? Ceiling Fans or Air conditioner?

Part 1 – A hot room cannot kill you but a hot planet will!!!

What would you do on a hot humid day after a lunch meeting or a beach holiday, in Colombo, Maldives, Mauritius or Seychelles?

Sip on iced tea or coffee, wanting immediate relief from your Ceiling Fan or the AC perhaps, when it’s unbearably hot…?

Till you switch them on, the outside temp is higher than your body temp, and the latter is trying to off load as much heat by sweating it. Once you switch on your Ceiling FAN, the warmer air dissipates into the room, while your body is able to give off more heat – which makes you cooler…this also takes in lot less energy than a refrigerant. Smart eh? A big plus is that it’s easy to install, use & clean.

On the contrary, an air conditioner pulls moisture out, cooling the air itself, which costs a lot of electricity and makes a ton of noise. Some people may be allergic to the dryness it creates or the pollutants inside (which requires professional cleaning).  Some kids & adults have exaggerated symptoms of asthma & skin problems like psoriasis or eczema.

HFC the refrigerants used, are more potent greenhouse gases than Co2 or methane & if we continue at this pace Air conditioners alone will account for 0.5 degrees CELSIUS rise in global temperatures!

With a ceiling or pedestal fan, it’s like the perfect summer: a soft breeze gently pushing your hair & offering relief from a stuffy day.

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