October 29, 2019

The Real Difference between an Air Conditioner & Luxury Fans

  • Design – AC’s are meant to be purely Functional. However, there are bespoke Decorative and Designer Fan products for the Indian market, that exude Luxury as soon as you enter a room & make you look up to your ceilings instantly. They guarantee Function with great Form – something that Architectural projects look for !
  • Durability – AC’s may function for 4 to 5 years. Luxury Fans are highly durable and carry motor warranties of upto 15 Years!
  • Material & Colour Options – AC’s are normally available with Plastic Body & neutral colours only. Whereas Luxury Fans come in blade materials from Wood to Canvas cloth; in 10 colours and different wooden shades.
  • Working – AC’s function through refrigerants, whereas Luxury Fans cool naturally through Circulatory Mechanism.
  • AC’s consume high energy whereas Luxury Fans consume a minuscule amount of energy.
  • Luxury Fans are much more Environmental Friendly whereas AC’s drastically increase your carbon footprint.
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