July 31, 2019

Should Ceiling Fans blend in or stand out?

Some designers would go for a simple fan that blends in, rather than one that is overly detailed. This is specially the case, when selecting a mass market brand if there are budget constraints or if its a last minute decision.

However as you can guess – for new home buyers, there is a large wish list so, ideally the selection of Stylish Fans must be done at least 2 months in advance – i.e when you plan your ceilings. The style/theme should dictate whether its a normal or a unique Designer Ceiling Fan! Among them the key decision is if your home is Victorian or a modern one.

In Farmhouses, French country, High Ceilings or Resort styles like Al frescoes, courtyards, gazebos etc – real Wooden Ceiling Fans or 4/5 blade Ceiling Fan options work well. However in modern homes using A/CsLess is More – we’d suggest a showstopper design like Single blade FanTwin blade Luxury Fan or maximum 3 Transparent blade Fan – other popular options are white, silver or maple wooden blades.

If these Fans have better features, warranty & technology – that’s a definite plus!

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