July 4, 2019

Break the mould, don’t break the bank!

If you want to use unique designs in your current/ next home – make sure to use smart technology & appliances that look worlds apart but don’t cost the earth!

Apart from the local & global brands available for Carpets, Floors & Furniture which all cost a lot, most people forget that all you need is a Smart Fan – combination of good design & energy savings to cool the room efficiently & perk up any average room.  

For those of you who contemplate a quick & easy renovation – a Designer Fan with Light & Remote is the simplest, low on the pocket idea.

This takes away your eyes from the drab carpet or sofa to the ceiling (instead of spending lakhs on furnishing or floors)!

A good quality & unique Chandelier Fan with LED low energy & mood lights, does the 2-in-1 job of ample lighting to cover even 200-250 sft on its own – ideal for Living. Lobby & dining interiors (what your guests almost always notice).

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  1. A Good Designer Fan in a renovation interior work is the simplest idea!

  2. Luxaire’s Chandelier fan with light is making my Dining area look very sophisticated..

  3. I must say that almost every room would look really beautiful with Luxaire fans in it! That’s a guaranteed.

  4. We have a medium sized room, would you suggest a single blade or a double blade fan?

    • Both Single Blade & Twin Blade Fans are suitable for Medium Sized rooms provided you use intermittent air conditioning at least during the peak summer months.

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