June 22, 2019

Is quality an important deciding factor while buying a Decorative Fan or Fans with light?

Simple answer: You always get what you pay for!

This is not just true with Fancy Ceiling Fans but for any of your home decor products. In India, ceiling fans can vary in quality. Most of them are cheap, with little durability & most people throw them away after a few years. This causes a lot of carbon footprint as there’s a wastage mentality.

On the other hand, high quality Designer Fans & Luxury Ceiling Fans cost more initially, but save you money in the long run, whether its lesser energy consumption, efficiency or easy maintenance!

Silent AC motor Fans typically use less energy than the 5* rated ones, save atleast 10% when using the reverse fn, and can save up to 65% by using green tech ceiling fans. The best way is to choose biggest fan you can fit into the room, leaving clearances, and run it on the lowest speed that keeps you comfortable. 

Also light efficiency is important, that’s why Luxaire has a lot of Decorative Fans with LED Light that is energy efficient & Ceiling Fans with mood light using halogen where soft lighting is important eg. Entertainment room or small kids rooms who don’t like it dark.

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  1. Do these fans have a Star ratings?

  2. What does the warranty of Luxaire fans cover?

    • Luxaire Fans warranty essentially covers the motor – which is the heart of the Fan. Nothing goes wrong with the blades.

  3. Thank you. This cleared so many doubts, I would definitely go for a fan with longer life and good quality!!!

  4. Luxaire is the best choice for Luxury fans in india. Their Designs are original with real wooden fans.

  5. If you want high quality and warranty, its better to pay & smile or be prepared to throw cheap fans every few years…

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