May 17, 2019

What is sustainable living?

Over the last four decades, the Earth’s average temp. has increased by over 1°C. While this may seem insignificant, the effects on nature are huge. Climate change, global warming & water scarcity looms large over India, and most big cities are facing increasing temperatures. However, we can all do our bit in ways that do not take away our convenience or luxury. For eg. take public transport for few days a week/ when covering long distances, get a cycle/ electric vehicle, use renewable energy, harvest rainwater, use a bucket instead of shower/bathtub & effective use of electricity.

For the last 10 years most of us have shifted to energy saving bulbs like CFL or LEDs. Today many are not aware of high quality, unique decorative Fans with green technology or energy saving fans up to 60-80% in summer and 10% in winter (reverse switch)! Using the latest Brush less DC motor, you can choose silent luxury fans with wooden blades, without any screws or plastic. Choose a Classic or Contemporary designer fan that doesn’t go out of fashion & the fan pays for itself after a few years. This saves you from the annoying sound when your guests are around. Time to throw your best party without bothering about fan noise or ugly designs & you still do your bit for the environment!


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