May 7, 2019

Why do Tropical Climates need Ceiling Fans?

In a Tropical climate like India or South Asia, we witness more sunshine. The higher the temperature, the more water vapor can be found in the air without condensing, making the atmosphere very humid.

In such a scenario, high quality & durable Ceiling Fans in conjuncture with air conditioning is the best fit.

With proper research into design and material, LUXAIRE Luxury Fans’ latest ceiling fan range celebrates clean lines, minimal and a “less-is-more” philosophy, along with huge warranties to boot.

These Decorative Fans in different blade materials work by pushing air all around the room and onto you (not just beneath it – like local/mass produced Fans).

For Ceiling Fans to be more effective in all seasons, make sure that its strategically located – center is perfect. Fans that are closer to any obstruction like chandeliers or beams, deliver less than optimal performance depending upon their closeness. Fall/Winter is the perfect time to change the rotation of your ceiling fan.

Using your fan on Winter mode saves 10% energy on heating bills, by setting it at a low speed.

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  1. Wow! Luxaire Designer Fan is definitely worth checkin out…

  2. Do these kind of fans need alot of maintenance?

  3. What is the speed of these Luxaire Fans?

    • Luxaire Fans are designed to function at a Gentle Pace without making any sound in the process & offers Whisper Quiet Functionality. The idea is to generate a cool Natural Breeze effect rather than an artificial source of Air.

  4. Luxaire fans which save so much of energy is perfect for the Indian lifestyle! 🙂

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