May 4, 2019

LUXAIRE-The Luxury Revolution

At LUXAIRE, our aim is to deliver the best quality fans that are aesthetic, convenient and also result in energy savings for our customers.

Our business was born due to the need for ceiling fans that are both functional and aesthetic for home makeovers. Today, more and more people are interested in making their homes look more exclusive and unique than ever before.

When every room has a piece of designer furniture and lighting which is more contemporary in look and feel, then why not have ceiling fans that blend with the overall decor to give a more luxurious feel to the ambience. These fans have very aesthetic looks and can do well even in an Air conditioned environment.

We recommend these fans for the following uses:

New Home designs,
Home makeovers,
Office and Commercial spaces,
Hotels and Resorts & many more!

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About Team Luxaire

  1. Wow! Luxaire Designer Fans is definitely worth checkin out…

  2. This is a Fantastic new way to look at unique & fancy Ceiling Fans!

  3. Wow! Luxaire Designer Fan is definitely worth checkin out…

  4. Its very True , we get fantastic luxury designer fans from Luxaire.

  5. Luxaire fans are amazing from their design to their performance! They offer what others can’t.

  6. These designer fans were much needed in India!! Is it delivered across the country?

  7. Luxaire is the fastest growing Original designer & Luxury fan brand.

    • Yes, we are focused on adding a good variety of Original Whisper Quiet Eye Catching Designer Fans so as to cater to the requirements of most of our discerning clients.

    • We are planning to launch many more new Experience Zones across Asia in the next 5 years!

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