April 30, 2020

Living the Resort Life in Sri Lanka

After the end of the 26-year civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka has been courting both tourism and investment. Sri Lanka’s popularity with travelers may be because of its diversity of geo tourism, archeological and historical landscapes, cuisines, cultures, spirituality of India (follows Sinhalese and Tamil festivals), all condensed into a small territory, where almost everyone speaks English. 

Sri Lankan cuisine was formed by the spice trade, with some similarities of Indian cooking, although Sri Lankan curries don’t traditionally use paste as a base, use fewer dairy & much more coconut, jackfruit & rice as staples. Sri Lankans love their ambul thiyal & egg hoppers. Sambol (a cross between a chutney and a salad) punctuates every meal with spices. The tea trade is still worth 2% of GDP in this plantation-rich hill country and they like their teahouses as much as their beer bars. People are curious and friendly, with old-fashioned manners and still shaped by colonial legacies of the Dutch and British. Tuk tuks are the worker bees of Colombo’s traffic. The once-horizontal skyline of the city is set to soar skywards, with a number of high-profile Hotel chains, Malls and infrastructure projects coming up.

A BnB in Sri Lanka may have different electrical plugs – the three-pronged UK socket, sometimes the two-pronged European one, and, often in older buildings, the rounded three pronged socket like the ones used in India and Nepal. In 5 star Colombo hotels, you should not have a problem though. They are famous for the wooden furniture made locally which you see everywhere. Hotel guest rooms in Colombo, Negombo, Kandy, Sigiriya, or Unawathuna can be cooled better in a tropical island, by using intermittent ACs and Luxury fans with light & remote instead of full air conditioners. Europeans who are their single biggest tourist clan (apart from Indians) would prefer Ceiling fans over AC any day. Coffee shops, Restaurants, Swimming pool bars, Luxury Spas and massage centers may use retro, colonial style wicker and palm leaf Designer Ceiling Fans, which increases the natural breeze effect, reduces sweating and encourages savings for the hotels. Lighting can be added optional in these outdoor fans to reduce the many fixtures on the ceiling and give a look of clean design.

The Singhalese people like to purchase luxury goods and the economy is supporting the country to position itself as a regional retail hub, due to its relatively low duty structure on luxury goods. Consumers are well aware of emerging brands and have a keen interest in designer lifestyle and luxury spends.

Luxaire is a brand that can make Sri Lankan consumers happy, whether its hotel guests or home owners.  The high Quality, high Warranty (upto 15 years) Whisper Quiet functionality, Reverse function & Energy savings in select fans like Green technology Fans – would make it perfectly suitable for this tropical island nation. With > 650 SKUs to choose from – Business and Leisure Hotels, Eco Resorts, Jungle Lodges or luxury Tents can choose Luxury Fans as per their interior design theme – these High warranty appliances can be treated as investments that can pay off, after a few years. Many top luxury hotels like Amanwella, Amangalla, Shangri-La, Anantara, Taj Exotica can use this opportunity while designing new interiors or undertaking renovations. LUXAIRE can definitely add the X Factor when it comes to amalgamating Sri Lanka’s desire for luxury products with exclusivity and elegance.

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  1. Complete lifestyle of Sr iLanka is covered! Luxaire must use this opportunity!!!

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