May 3, 2020

Glamping in Kenya’s Best National Parks

Do you ever feel like you’re “Lost in the Wild?”

How about a dream night under those countless stars? After all, there are no “Fault in our Stars”, right!

Do you hear “The call of the wild?”

If yes, then your heart in longing for that “Final destination”, towards the East African country, Kenya.

Kenya is one of the richest countries of Africa. It is also the largest country, both in the sense of population and landmass. The country has a tropical climate, meaning it is sunny most of the time. It is packed with diverse culture, having an array of music, dress, food, language, customs and art. People here speak Swahili and English along with their tribal language. The people here are not only known for their kindness but also for their interest in technology. The largest mobile money transfer M-Pesa comes from this very country, which attracted the likes of Zuckerberg. To the fitness freaks, Kenya will provide you with a thrilling hiking experience. So, it not a wonder that we see most of these native people participate in athletics events including the Olympics.

Let us move on to the most famous aspect of Kenya, the Wildlife.

When we say wildlife; it is mostly the fauna because this region is dominated by Africa’s large mammals and the big five. You will find the herd of elephant on their majestic walk. The lions that stand with pride enhance the royalty of the surroundings. The zebras grazing will take you back to the world with two colors – black and white. You would spot a one horn rhino, which is a marvel by itself. You will be mesmerized by the grace with which a giraffe bends to quench its thirst.

Kenya’s Masai Mara is a top wildlife reserve for cheetah and lion sighting. You will also find the spotted hyena or the bat-eared fox. The northern region of the country is home for animals like Guenther’s dik-dik, the unique Long-necked gerenuk and a varied of other mammals. The country also has coastal forests, lowland and highland forests. The migration of the wildebeest between Kenya and Tanzania is considered as the nature’s most breathtaking event. The best time to visit Kenya is during the Dry season from late June to October. There are a thousand species of birds and colorful reel fish adorns country’s marine beauty.

A visit to these regions is incomplete if you don’t live among the wild. So, a stay in the hotels is a big no. What is the solution? Glamping of course! These luxurious camping options are hugely popular in this utopian world, which results in the demand of luxury products. After a tiring journey in the forest, everybody wants to come back to the camps for a bit of relaxation & comfort from the mosquitoes outside, this can be provided by ceiling fans from the likes of Luxaire luxury fans. These designer Wooden Fans are Whisper Quiet & can complement the richly designed luxury tents with respect to their surroundings. The Wicker range of Fans  or Palm Outdoor Fans can also be used because these are the reflection of the nature around. A comfortable stay in these tents can be enriched by opting for Luxury fans with light too. Overall, the wildlife along with Luxaire would promise you an amazing stay in your journey.

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  1. what about the maintenance of these fans inside luxury tents in that environment?

    • The Best Part of opting for Luxaire Luxury Fans is the Quality associated with the Product. It is this Best in Class Quality wich helps us in offering upto 15 Years Motor Warranty for the product. This also demonstrates our confidence in our Collection.

      Having said this, we are happy to inform you that apart from periodic dry dusting of the unit, there is no other maintenance needed. It is built to last, even in the most demanding of conditions such as those prevalent in Africa which is a major market for us.

  2. This Fan totally go with the wildlife resorts or tents.. Luxaire has really good collection for all types of decor

  3. Luxaire BLDC technology helps to save alot of energy which is also called as green technology!

  4. Wonderfully written!!!

  5. Can you supply these fans for wildlife resorts in Nairobi and Kenya? How long will it take?

    • Hello,

      We supply our Original Luxury Fans across the Globe.

      Resorts and Hotels are a very big Focus Area for us & we work closely with the leading Hotels & Resorts across the Glove.

      Do let us know which models are of interest to you & we shall share all the relevant details accordingly.

      Normally we would need about 4 – 6 weeks time to execute Bulk Institutional Orders.

      We look forward to your Patronage!

  6. The Whisper quite feature of the fan would definitely help us to hear the nature’s sound more clearly.

    • Absolutely very true. Sometimes in the hustle & noise generated by modern day life, we fail to hear what Nature tries to communicate to us.

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