May 14, 2020

How is LUXAIRE Pendant Light different from a Chandelier?

It is no mystery that great lighting is essential to Style. Fortunately, today we have the luxury of a variety of lighting solutions to emphasize our interiors. Sophisticated home designs in general have delicate pools of light originating from various sources.

Pendant Lights are usually found hung in a progression of single light apparatuses or as a solitary pendant having different lights. On account of this multi-light course of action, you may attempt to characterize a Pendant as a crystal light fixture but this isn’t the situation.

The contrast between a Chandelier and a Pendant lights is, design and capacity. Chandeliers consistently have various lights and decide in favour of a greater and more stupendous style that overwhelms the space. Pendants are smaller, easier and increasingly directional cousins – better intended for Task lighting. Despite the fact that you can utilize Decorative Hanging Lights as encompassing light; they truly sparkle in zones like the kitchen sink or island kitchen, Dining area, Family Lounge, or use a line of pendants in the lobby where the object is to point out and further direct light onto a region.  Pendant Lighting are a wonderful option for commercial interiors & modernized spaces like Libraries, Hospitals, Retail stores, Jewellery showrooms, IT office common areas etc.  They can also be used independently as well as in your Master bedroom and guest bedrooms when used in multiple heights or as a corner showcase. Pendants are flawless increments to hallways; Hotels and Resorts may use these to newly design or re-decorate their Corridors, Double height Reception areas, Executive Suite Corners, Spas, Restaurant and Breweries to add that extra oomph, to their modern or quirky interior décor.

Luxaire brings you a fresh range of Designer Eco friendly Pendant lights with Contemporary Minimalism & original designs created by David Trubridge, New Zealand.These lights are made of eco-friendly Bamboo. One of the popular Contemporary Pendant light is Koura Pendant Lamp. There are prime spots to hang these “Wow” pieces that reflect your personality as unique Pendant lamps with eye-catching shadow effect
details are best reflected at night, when there is a blank wall nearby.

So, if you are looking for beautiful Luxury Pendant Lights to decorate your next office or hotel space, Luxaire is your destination.

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  1. Beautiful collection of pendant Lights..

  2. These look so beautiful! What are these pendent lightsade of?

  3. The Pendant Light is looking elegant. Is customization possible in case of lighting?

  4. I never knew Luxaire has some beautiful Decorative lights – whats the price range?

  5. Wow! Really beautiful!
    In how many sizes do these pendant lights come in?

  6. Do you offer different colours on these lights?

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