June 17, 2020

Every Bikers dream – Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is a Union territory in North India & the most elevated at over 3000 meters. Encircled by the great Himalayan ranges, Ladakh falls in the downpour shadow area, making it mostly a cold desert and one of the most remote and least populated.

It has two regions mainly – Leh and Kargil. However, Ladakh stretches out a long way, past Leh. The people of Ladakh are Dards, an ancient Aryan race. But, most of them follow Buddhism and it’s no secret that the people of Ladakh are quite jovial, being influenced by this Tibetan lifestyle. The younger population choose to play archery and Polo over other sports. Dishes like Thupka, Momos, Sku and Thenthuk are famous and commonly cooked in Ladakhi homes for hungry trekkers. 

Leh town is the central point for all vacationers visiting Ladakh, and has the most extreme traveller offices which one is not used to seeing, in urban communities. An excursion to Ladakh is no little accomplishment – it’s soundlessness, cobalt blue skies, splendid rainbows, and flickering lakes are really the stuff of dreams. This excursion gloats of the most noteworthy motorable street on the planet (Khardung La); the absolute most elevated mountain – Zoji La and Tanglang La; impressive picturesque drives with some secret pearls like the vivid More Plains, Lamayuru, and the entrancing Gata Loops.

After such a long tiring road journey travellers usually search for the best relaxation, which can only be provided by Luxury hotels in this area – like The Grand Dragon Ladakh, The Indus Valley at Leh, The Zen Ladakh, Grand Himalaya, Ladakh Sarai resort. Splendid lobby entrances and high ceiling rooms can choose Contemporary Pendant Lights to design their #architectural lighting needs. Hoteliers can use a Luxury Fan with remote in Restaurants and HVLS Fans in big banquet spaces to push air all across the room, saving energy as well, with little sound compared to commercial fans.  Using LED or Fiberglass Planters isthe 3rd way to complement the outside natural beauty with Interior design – adding bit of light and greenery along the way.

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  1. The fan in the pic is really stylish.Do we have any option of such fan which has usb plug?

  2. Are there winter function fans?

    • Almost all Luxaire Ceiling Fans come with a Reverse Forward Function – for use in Summer and Winter as well.

  3. How much airflow does the HLVS fans give?

  4. Need a few tables & pedestal fans for a home stay at Ladakh which has a heritage retreat interiors, what are the potions?

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