February 28, 2020

What is an HVLS Fan/ Super King Sized Fan?

An HVLS Fan refers to High volume and low speed Fans. They circulate at lesser known speeds, compared to regular fans – but throw a lot more output, covering ends of the wall even – which is not the case with any commercial Fan. The HVLS Ceiling Fans come in sizes of 84” diameter or more.

You have several options today – HVLS Fans in metal blades, HVLS aluminium blades, HVLS Wooden blade Fans or even HVLS with ABS blade Fans. Some of them are Hard anodised metal blade HVLS Fans. As the air from these Fans advance, it does so in a horizontal manner, till it reaches some obstruction (eg. a side wall) to form convection currents. This ensures effective air movement with a good distribution of wind/Fan breeze for large spaces – especially 700-1000 sqft. This way, there is a possibility of rooms cooling approximately 6-8 degrees, unlike regular sized 52” dia. Fans that are effective to make a room only 2-3 degrees cooler. It does this by pulling the cooler air, found at the bottom of the room and mixing it with the room temperature, giving you a feeling of comfort.

Ceiling Fans sized between 60-80” dia. are called a Big sized Fan or a Super King Sized Fan – available from the only Original Luxury Ceiling Fan brand brought to India by Luxaire Luxury Fans, does the same thing by covering smaller spaces around 300-600 sqft.

Most of the King sized Fans or HVLS Fans normally have BLDC motor too (green technology & energy efficient), that saves 65-80% energy and comes with a remote function and winter feature. You can do this by running them –in the reverse direction, warming up the room ~ 3-4 degrees, when used in conjunction with a heater & thereby saving 10% energy as well.

These are ideal for use in a Farmhouse, a large Brewery, Al fresco Restaurant, Builder Lobby or double height Hotel entrances.

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