June 11, 2020


Plants have the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.”

In our busy life, we often end up running against time to achieve a sense of modernization. Commercialization has led to many buildings coming up in cities; the IT boom that is visible in all major Indian cities; Hotels and Resorts – that have become an integral part of our lives;  Hospitals which are life saviours and Airports & travel industry in general, that connect us with our loved ones or facilitate business transactions. Each of these places tells a story. The large IT companies tell you the story of success. The hospitals have listened to more honest prayers. The hotels have seen the joys of vacation. The airports have witnessed innumerous goodbyes and reunions. In these tough times, Plants give us hope. So, what can be a better time than now, to grow plants in key places –whether it’s at home or office? They have a major impact on Climate change and our moods too. Commercial Landscape and Exterior design.

But how do we do it? The easiest way is by selecting the most suitable outdoor #ledplanters as this way you achieve green landscape with in-built lighting at once! These LED planters in Hotels and Resorts provide perfect a complement to Common spaces like Swimming pool, Spa, Outdoor furniture or Gazebos.

When you walk into any big IT Tech Park or Corporate office today, you would be greeted by the warm welcome of Tall outdoor planters. Luxaire has manycustomized fiber planters (made in India) in Fiberglass material which is lightweight yet long lasting and not fade or break like plastic. These Planters are a sign of ‘welcome’ in Hotel Corridors or Swimming Pool areas, Hospital Reception Lobby and Airport Lounges or baggage counters. These Designer indoor planters from Luxaire are a guarantee of quality with good design. They come in different size options and one can choose different colors as per their preference, be it solid black, white or bright colors. Also, one may customize it in gloss, stone or matt finish.

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  1. Can you explain in detail how do you customise your planters?

    • At Luxaire we customize the Colour as well as the Finish of our Fiberglass Planters so as to meet your interior requirements.

      We offer the following colour options:

      1. White

      2. Black

      3. Brown

      4. Grey

      5. Orange

      6. Red

      We can customize the Range in Matt, Gloss or even Rough Finish.

      Think Exclusive Designer Planters, Think LUXAIRE

  2. What sizes are available for LED outdoor designer planters? Need for a resort

  3. The collection is really good. Do have any option for vertical plantation?

  4. How is the maintainance of the Fiber Planters?

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