January 20, 2020

List Of Holidays – 2020

Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion with more than a billion followers. The majority of Hindu people live in India and Nepal. However it is also practiced by certain South Asian diaspora in Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines & Bali (Indonesia). The Hindu calendar, also called Panchanga, is an ancient time reckoning system used for, among other things, […]

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February 29, 2020

Why do Tropical Climate Zones need Ceiling Fans?

In a Tropical climate like India or South Asia, we witness more sunshine. The higher the temperature, the more water vapor can be found in the air without condensing, making the atmosphere very humid. In such a scenario, high quality & durable Ceiling Fans in conjuncture with air conditioning is the best fit. With proper research into design and material, LUXAIRE Luxury Fans’ latest […]

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April 9, 2020

Temple Town Puri’s Hospitality Industry

Puri, the holy land of Lord Jagannath is situated on the Bay of Bengal, 60 kms from Bhubaneswar. Millions of tourists and pilgrims visit Puri every year, famous for its beaches, festivals, different arts and craft, temples and Rath Yatra. The city has a moderate tropical climate during summer and is chilly during winters. So, […]

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April 9, 2020


The heritage city of Karnataka, Mysuru (earlier named Mysore), has a vast history captured in its book. The city, proud of its royal lineage has a huge love for the traditional lifestyle whereas the modernization has brought in an attraction towards the ever growing technology. This is one of those cities where tradition marries technology. […]

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April 11, 2020

Eco Friendly Luxaire Fans in the ‘Abode of Clouds’ – Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places in India, being richly endowed with natural beauty. In Sanskrit, Meghalaya translates into the abode of clouds. It is one of the wettest places on earth. Most people derive their income from tourism whether it is small restaurants to big hotels. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is […]

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April 15, 2020

Common maintenance Issues with Ceiling Fans –whether it’s a Commercial or Designer Fan

Ceiling Fans are a convenient & an effective way of keeping the room cool compared to a fully ACs room or one with Coolers. In hot or humid cities in Asia, you need both – meaning intermittent AC rooms. Use 1 hour of AC and 2-3 hours of the Fan to circulate air, evenly across […]

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